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The Internet is very much a part of all our lives. It has made things very convenient and our lives faster. But it also has lots of disadvantages. We need to be very careful when we use the net especially when it comes to our kids. Sometimes, a simple word search on Google can bring up sleazy pictures which you definitely do not want your kids to see. Questionable content or characters make things very dicey.

As a parent it is your responsibility to have a close look at what your kids are surfing; what games they are playing; are they on social media, if so who are they in contact with, are they talking to the right kind of people or not. Even the games that are released today – you need to see if it involves any kind of violence or does it show any sleazy ads. The only way you can have a watch on all this is by being a copilot. You do not really need to be stuck to them. After all you need to give them some privacy especially towards teens. But you definitely need to know what they are doing.

Not only do you need to set some rules as to what they access and how much; but you also need to keep a watch on how long they are online. You need to keep time limits. In fact, these days there is lot of talk about how the Internet affects our health. Long hours on the computer are bad for posture and our eyes. Using smart phones for long periods also affect children’s brain functions. This being said, there is also lot of talk about how bad wifi signals and phone signals are for the general well-being of your children. Hence, it is very important that you monitor your child’s usage.

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