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In this time and age, most of us have to settle into small houses. These days, large spaces are so expensive. But this does not mean that you need to feel cramped and crowded. Understandably, small rooms can feel very uncomfortable as well as confining. However, small spaces can be made to look large with just a few simple tricks. Using lighting and color techniques, one can make a large difference.

In fact, it is a known fact that colors also have a positive or negative affect on your mood. Light colored rooms actually give you an open and airy feeling. The room looks brighter and larger. The natural light entering the room is also enhanced due to the light color hues used. On the contrary, if you use dark colors they actually take in the light or absorb it and give the room a small look. We suggest that you go for light tones of green, blue or shades of white. You can also try to paint the wall trimmings or moldings a lighter tone than the walls. That gives the feeling that the wall is farther and gives your room a bigger look.

Not only colors, but simple lighting tricks also end up being magical. You should try and allow as much natural light as you can into your rooms. Ensure that you put in large windows which would give you good ventilation. If your exterior is not attractive enough, you can use flower pots or plants to improve this. Do not use heavy curtains. Instead use sheer coverings which would still let light in. This being said, not all rooms have the luxury of natural lighting. If you do not have that effect, what you can do is use your creativity and use light fixtures to bring in the same effect. These small additions can help you a lot.

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