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Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, it is entirely your skills and control that can make a major difference in savings. Every little dime makes a whole lot of difference in the long run. There are some who try and make their hobby into a small business and earn extra. This being said not all have the capability to earn from home. But every woman has the capability to save judiciously and contribute towards the family’s savings.

Let’s have a look at a few simple tips that can help you a lot. It matters a lot when we cut a few visits to the restaurants, not shop for that dress that you saw in the window (we understand that you are pining for it but do not really need it) and also teach your kids to understand the value for money.

When you buy your groceries, its always best to buy in bulk. It saves you quite a sum. Of course, that can be done only if you have space for storage but it is always better as compared to buying things in small portions.

Make sure that you teach your children very early about the value of money. Teens can be quite extravagant if you are not careful and if they haven’t been taught how to handle their pocket money. They should be taught that they need not go out for every movie that releases in town. Do not make it a habit of sending them for hangout sessions with their friends. Instead you could host a small party for the kids at home. Keep it interesting and simple. That way, they get to enjoy and you save. This behavior makes other parents follow suit too. This also teaches the children control and discipline.

All this can only happen if the entire family pitches in and makes a conscious effort in saving money and maybe in the process learn some good habits.


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