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Most people these days prefer being their own boss and gain fulfillment that way. There are some who try and make their hobby as their business. You can try that too! If you are one of those crafty kinds who love making small knick-knacks useful around the home or pretty trendy jewelry; you should maybe think of making it into a small business.

If you start thinking of it as a business, the first matter would be to price your home-made jewelry. It needs to be just right, so you get a small profit and yet not price it too expensive. You should be including the cost of all your materials, keep a small profit like say about 20% to 40% and not to forget the amount of time you spend on making it.

You can first try selling your jewelry in craft fairs. Make sure that the fair is well advertised and well known, so you can expect a good crowd. Else, you would end up spending on the entrance or stall fee and not sell anything. You could also try selling to friends and relatives to see what kind of response your talent gets. You can keep jewelry parties too. So, it’ll be a fun way to conduct your business.

These days, the Internet is the way to do things. You can try out some e-commerce sites to sell your jewelry or even some established websites. These sites would already have regular customers. All you need to do is pay a small fee. You could even try your own website. Though this will need some proper homework. You need to do some regular marketing. Only then can your website sell. There are many that even advertise through social media.

All said and done, it is your talent and drive that can get you a business with some returns. We hope that these simple tips help you.


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