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The living room is the main area in a home where one tends to spend maximum time. But if it is cramped and not comfy then you probably need to make some serious changes. Let’s look at some simple tricks which can give your living room a large, bright and comfy feel.

Your living space can be made really cozy if you move the seating area closer. Get a nice plush rug. Try and use color combinations to make it soothing. Always use lighter colors which will ensure a brighter look to the room. Hanging chairs, hammocks save you floor space. Instead of coffee tables you can try ottomans. This makes it easier when you have company and also looks pretty. You can also use multiple coffee tables instead of one large one. That way it can be moved around as per requirement.

As far as the walls are concerned, choose one wall and make it the center of attraction. These days gallery walls with wide framed art are quite in style. Though technically cluttered, it doesn’t give you that feel and is very much in trend.

Light colored curtains always give a bright look. In fact, try and match them with the wall colors to give the room a wider look. Different styles of shades can also be used. It is also suggested that curtains end a little above the floor. That way you feel like you have more floor space.

If you choose large plush rugs with wide and abstract designs it gives the room a large feel even if it really isn’t. Multiple small rugs will just end up breaking up the floor space visually and make the room smaller.

It is up to you to get creative and use your space to your advantage. You can also use soft lighting to make the space bright and homey.

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