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Do you feel that you are falling short of space? Does your home feel small? Well, maybe its not your home that’s small. Maybe you need to declutter and get rid of some stuff. It is but natural that over the years you tend to collect things that do not really serve you and you end up with no space. Here we have given you some small tips which will help you in decluttering and having more storage space –

Purge – You need to first take a good hard look at what you have. Is it really important? Will it be of any use for you? If not, then please give it away. Think of charity or maybe even a yard sale. One rule you can try and follow is – get rid of anything that you haven’t used in at least a year. If it is stuff that you might need, you can start organizing. Most storage spaces have mixed up stuff. Decorative items, clothes and so on. You can start organizing and putting them away in order, so you can reach them and find them easily when you need to.

Redo your space – Your storage space might be larger if you add more racks, you can add hooks where needed or maybe even bins. Heavy items are better on lower shelves and lighter ones higher. Stacking everything neatly and labeling helps you later when you need to find something. If you use uniform storage bins or boxes it gives a neat and nice look.

Lastly, for your own satisfaction, a pretty and simple looking rug or wall hangings, danglers will make a huge difference in the whole look. If your storage space is pretty looking you wont dump things anymore. So, keep all your things neat and organized. You will never fall short of storage space.


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