How to Search Engine Optimize Website Images

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For many people out there, when they think about increasing the visibility of their website a few things will likely come to mind. This is usually done by implementing keywords in their blog posts or by implementing some kind of link building strategy. While when these strategies are implemented correctly they can be beneficial, some people may not know that there are plenty of others that they can also use.

Furthermore, there are plenty of strategies that people are able to implement that are easy to include on-site and that they don’t have to pay someone a ton to complete. For instance, people can do small things like make sure that their website loading speed is quite fast. Another thing that people are able to do is to focus on their images.

The pictures are often the last thing that many people think about which can actually be a huge mistake. When images are too large they may take a long time to load which means that users are more likely to click away from that page and also that search engine sites are less likely to deem that site as reliable. This can lead them to not ranking that website as high in search engine results.

As it can be seen, it can be quite damaging to not factor in good quality images as a SEO company Sydney practice which is why this article will explore the subject further.

Reduce the image file size by using a compression program

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to images is that they think bigger is better. They want to ensure that they are only using the best quality versions and so will upload files that are huge in size. What they may not realise is that this can actually be detrimental as these large files can take a long time to load.

Furthermore, they can be hard to resize for those who are browsing on tablets or on smart phones. The good news is that there is a really easy way that people are able to counteract this. They are able to compress the picture so that the file size is smaller but the quality itself is not comprised.

While there are many programs out there that can do this, people can also achieve this by jumping online. All they have to do is to perform an easy Google search which will point them in the right direction of a website that will do this for them. They can then upload the file which will then be compressed into a smaller size without distorting the image.

Rename the image file to include keywords

While many people will know that they are able to include keywords in blog posts as well as in the hashtags on social media posts, they may not realise that they can also include them when renaming images. Most website providers will allow people to make this change whenever they upload something. For those who don’t have this option, they are able to do so by naming the file before they upload it.

What people can also do is put a “+” in between the words so that they are able to include several different words if they decide to. What is important to note, however, is that people shouldn’t overdo this as they may end up getting registered as spam by search engine sites. As this can sometimes occur, it is usually a good idea for people to work with digital marketing agencies who know what they are doing.

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