Role of Accounting Internships

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Role of accounting internships among students is vital in their carrier, it helps to maximise the chances of employment to the students. They will be able to establish good relationships with higher professionals in this field by attending book keeping graduating. It helps to develop the accounting skill of the students and help them to perform well in the real accounting job in future. Accounting internships help them to save money by getting free internship opportunity. We could not experience the real time methods and problems in our classrooms, these computing teacher’s assistantships help them to get exposure.  Deep knowledge about the business world helps the students to improve the adaptive ability while working in the real job situation.  It not only improves the job skills of the students but the academic quality also by acquiring the practical knowledge of the theories they learned.  

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Performing as an accountant in a firm involves lot of accounting management and software skills which could be practiced during the accounting internships. The students will be motivated to practice such accounting standards by getting opportunity to work with the highly qualified and experienced professionals during their auditing fellowships.  Apart from getting motivated to work, they will form a positive attitude towards their studies as professional students.  Students study several methods and software during their accounting course but they get the first hand experience during their internship only. Internship supports them to develop in the different areas of accounting such as auditing, taxation or financial management. In this modern era we use computer based accounting procedures, the university study will give us theoretical knowledge and a limited practical knowledge.  Committed interns could develop their technical and soft skill during their practice in the real business environment.  

Successful accountants have to effectively handle inside accounting responsibilities and external elements like customers, clients and debtors. Internship experience and observations helps to develop such managerial skills also for their future carrier.  As professionals in accounting they have to develop some ethical stand and view about accounting, getting a chance to work in the good standardised accounting environment helps them in this area also. We could see the development of professionalism among the students who undergo internship in good business firms. Accounting internships helps the students for the transformation of status as professionals from students.  We must remember that it will not happen  by just doing an internship in a firm, it require good amount of commitment and  positive attitude towards the accounting profession.  Students who are doing a dedicated internship programme will be able to perform closer to the expectations of the employer.  Professional competency is an essential element in any job; one can acquire it only by experience in the real situation. We could say that internship is the best chance to acquire this competency while studying.  

Various jobs have different social acceptance and status, sometimes students may get attracted by these social outlooks, but accounting internships give them to asses themselves about the profession and make a decision about the career.  They will realise the vital role of an accountant in a business firm during internship and will be able to form a more realistic image about their profession.

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