Who is a Tree Doctor?

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A tree doctor is the one who assist a client in managing all the matters related to a tree which includes cultivation, management, study and care. The tree doctor is a professional who has knowledge and qualifications in the aeroculture. All kinds of trees, vines, shrubs and other plants (perennial woody) are managed by the doctors. Both dendrology as well as horticulture is a part of the services by the tree doctors. The main responsibility of the doctor is to make sure that the plant is growing safe and healthy so that the fruits and products from it are also healthy. What is the major difference between a foresters or logger is that the tree doctor look after only the individual trees and plants and not as a forest. The domains of forest and silviculture are not a common practice area by the tree doctor. The harvesting of wood is also handled by such doctors. 

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The arborists are called when certain symptoms of disease of weakness are expressed by the tree or plants are some manner. It includes the disappearance of leaves more than the usual number, the falling of leaves in on seasonal periods or earlier than the normal periods, discolouration or pigmentation of leaves, presence of leaves that have odd nodules or are without veins, when there is a split or bumps, peeling or cracked, presence of dead branches at top of a tree, growing of fungus around its trunk, growing of mushrooms in the twigs or roots and any more.  

The tree surgeons have to be very careful about making the decisions about the life of the tree since the result from the tree is dependent on how it is treated. For this there are various tests conducted by the doctors so that the right problem can be easily identified from it. The analysis of soil is the best tests practised by most of the tree doctors so that one can take best plan of action. The scientific requirements of soil for a plant to grow in the optimal level must be properly checked and analyzed by the doctor.  

Most of the tree specialists opine that the pH balance of the soil which is most suitable for the plants and trees is the content of fifteen mineral elements. These minerals should be in a balanced situation too. In fact the acidity or even alkalinity has to be checked by the doctors to ensure the suitableness of the soil. The constitution of the soil can be improved by adding fertilizers and soil amendments which increases the comfort of the environment in which the tree grows. There are certain situations in which the tree cannot be rebuild or make good since there are lot of serious root as well as trunk problems. In such situations cutting down the tree is the only option.  

The tree doctor is the one who is qualified in aeroculture to treat the plants and trees which have some diseases or problems in growth. The tree doctor conducts particular tests to identify the real problem.

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