Why Do We Need Busy Light In Our Offices?

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Why do we need busy light? Well, that is an important query. We would like to give a proper reply. When it comes to modern workspaces, interruptions have been a common occurrence. Interruptions can be extremely annoying when you are busy accomplishing something. And most importantly, interruptions can be really counter-productive. But we have no effective strategy to deal with it. Thanks to the open office culture we have developed, anyone can interrupt anyone in the office anytime.  

As per some studies an employee gets interrupted once every 3 minutes. And the interruption can last for average 23 minutes! Isn’t that an alarming statistics? Indeed, it is. And it is high time for us to do something about it. The biggest issue associated with work space interruptions is that it is totally counter-productive. Productivity of each and every employee will be affected. At the end of the day, the whole company will suffer. And that is exactly why you need a modern technology like busylight to deal with this problem in an effective manner. 

Busy light, the savior! 

  • Yes, busy light can be the savior you have been looking for.  
  • Busy light will inform your colleagues about your availability status. Whether you are available or not.  
  • When you have busy light in the office, you will be able to minimize interruptions to a great extent. It is an excellent technology that way. It is something every office needs today. 
  • Busy light follows a simple principle in order to deal with the productivity issue. It has the ability to magically improve the performance and productivity of the entire office. It is totally worth it. Therefore, you should consider this investment very seriously.  
  • The popularity of busy light has been on the rise across the globe. Companies have started realizing the significance of busy light to improve the productivity.  
  • Especially those who work on the phone all day long, interruptions can be totally disruptive. They need to be protected from the incessant interruptions that happen in the office space. Thanks to busy light you will be able to tackle this problem in a more effective manner.  

Decoding busy light 

You might be wondering what all the fuzz is about this. Well, you don’t need to worry; we are here to offer all the information you need on this. Busy light indicator is a simple LED indicator that will emit colored lights. And looking at the colored lights you will be able to figure out the availability status of your colleague. We can compare the working of a busy light to traffic lights. Both follow same principle. When you look at the color, you know what it stands for.  

For instance, green color will inform you that your colleague is totally available for a quick chat. But when you see, you should know that your colleague is busy doing some work. You should interrupt at your own risk. And when you yellow color, you should deduct that the colleague is not at his desk. And in the case of purple, it is a clear indication that your colleague doesn’t want to be disturbed at all. He is doing some really important work. Busy light can be your absolute savior to increase your productivity. 

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