A Few Surprising But Important Facts To Know About E-Cigarettes

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The new phenomenon of vaping e-cigarettes seems to surround us everywhere we go and there is a huge level of misinformation out there on both the nature of their use and their potential health risks. This article seeks to set the record straight and let you know the truth about these devices so that you don’t have any confusion about what you, or your loved ones, may potentially deal with.

1.   They are not totally safe and risk-free

The problem with the marketing of e-cigarettes is that, when they hit the scene, they were tacitly presented as a safe alternative to smoking. It was argued that, without the combustion effect and chemical mix of cigarettes, they were the healthy alternative.

They may be healthier than cigarettes, but that does not mean they are healthy in general. There are actually a few health risks associated with them that have come to light as more research has been performed such as:

  • Hard to the lungs, heart and brain
  • Tumours cancers
  • Pregnancy complications for women
  • Developmental complications for children both in and out of womb

2.   They still contain nicotine, which is still an addictive substance

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No matter how nicotine is used, if it goes in your body you will eventually become addicted to it, and this includes with e-cigarettes. As people know, nicotine is highly addictive and people withdrawing from it can act unpredictably and can even be a danger to others or themselves.

Getting of nicotine is really hard and is up there with one of the hardest substances to quit such as cocaine or alcohol. The human mind is great at finding justifications to go back to old habits, especially ones that give us instant gratification like having a smoke.

3.   It is not a clinically proven quitting method

Despite the way many people make it look, e-cigarettes are not medically recognised a quitting device and can actually cause people who had quit to go back to regular smoking. It is true that SOME people who have intense cigarette addictions were able to ween down with a healthier alternative to a point they could more comfortably quit nicotine, but there is no conclusive evidence behind any of this.

4.   They are not just used for quitting

Lots of people use e-cigarettes purely recreationally and that there is an increasing rate of adoption amongst young people, particularly in the United States. A lot of people actually use them in addition to their regular smoking in the places where smoking is not permitted or is inconvenient, such as inside their bedroom. This means that, with e-cigarettes, some people are getting more nicotine than they ever did before.

5.   There isn’t a lot of oversight or consistency in the market

As a new market, e-cigarettes are still not fully understood and therefore regulatory consistency is lacking. It can be very difficult to know which products are more harmful than others.

6.   Smoking is slowly being re-normalised by them

All of the decades of anti-smoking public health campaigns and the work they have done to make smoking cigarettes frowned upon is being reverse by e-cigarettes as they normalise a type of smoking without being the same as tailored products.

The bottom line is that e-cigarettes are just another way to get nicotine into your body that may have limited utility in getting away from other nicotine products but is not a quitting aide.

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